002433 30/04/2019 Project Level Field The text now wraps for strategic objectives.
002325 09/10/2018 Risks We've added a third editable risk matrix to the configuration, there are now five matrixes including the two baseline ones.
002320 09/10/2018 System We've significantly enhanced the Customers area to allow you to record interactions with specific named clients from both the Customer and the Project.
002136 18/06/2018 Notifications The default time for a notification on an all-day event is now 9am.
002300 18/06/2018 Text Editor If a user makes changes to a free text box and presses ‘Cancel’ there’ll now be a warning about saving the data.
002279 18/06/2018 Comments Comments can now be archived.
002217 15/03/2018 Performance Indicators We've added the functionality to be able to tag performance indicators.
002213 15/03/2018 Gateway Products You can now add the Customers control to gateway products.
002134 29/01/2018 System You can now clear an entry from the date picker if made in error.
002177 29/01/2018 Scheduler When picking a start date in the Scheduler the end date now automatically updates to be the same to save time using the date picker.
002184 29/01/2018 Change History Change History now shows for the Customers.
002165 02/01/2018 System Users can now use the "Save As..." functionality to create a project, even with an active gateway product. All locks are cleared on the new project.
002159 02/01/2018 Approvals You can now record 'Date Approval Required' at the point an approver is added.
002130 02/01/2018 System You now have the ability to set certain fields as editable when the project is locked for approval. These are set by a new tick-box against the field in the administration section so you can make it gateway specific.
002120 02/01/2018 System There is now a search/type ahead when selecting a customer in a project.
002119 02/01/2018 Timesheets You can now see the Timesheet Records information directly from the project.
002102 02/01/2018 Approvals There are new options to streamline the approvals process from gateway to gateway. Contact the support team to discuss your workflow requirements and have it set up for you.
001752 02/01/2018 Benefits There is now the ability to add recurring savings and costs.
002112 24/11/2017 System There is a new application setting (TMI need to set this for you) which allows you to add the name of the relevant gateway product to the Actions button to differentiate between the GP and the Project Actions.
002090 20/09/2017 Approvals Previous Service Approvers can now be automatically added to each new Gateway Product.
001943 20/09/2017 Comments We have updated the visibility of the comments through the approvals process, implemented notifications and the ability to chase outstanding approvals.
002060 20/09/2017 Change History Changes to the hierarchy of a project are now shown in the Change History.
002041 01/08/2017 Search It is now possible for all users to see the involvements of another user from the search results screen.
002059 01/08/2017 Documents The time/datestamp of a document is now updated when you re-upload the same file.
002039 01/08/2017 Documents There is now the ability to add the project code to the default filename of the PDF document created when a project moves through a gateway.
002043 01/08/2017 Gantt Archiving a task/milestone now removes it from the Gantt view.
002048 01/08/2017 Documents There is a more detailed message displayed when a user is trying to upload a file that exceeds the single file limit to the document store.
002057 01/08/2017 Comments You can now use VertoSense in the Comments section.
002023 06/07/2017 Search There is now an option to stop the search function from remembering the previous search term.
002006 06/07/2017 Stat Tiles Overdue items (tasks, risks etc.) in stat tiles now highlight with a red outline box in Pro.
001985 06/07/2017 System Project Impact Questions have now been coded to work in Pro.
001941 02/05/2017 System Stages have now been fully configured for use in VertoPro.
001971 26/04/2017 System The function 'Save As' can now be restricted to Administrators only.
001969 26/04/2017 Chat You can now remove someone from a chat group, rename the chat group and access the groups from the menu bar directly.
001955 26/04/2017 Change History The movement of projects through the gateways is now visible in the change history.
001944 26/04/2017 Chat You can now add a name to a group chat.
001939 26/04/2017 General Scheduled control copies can now be set to include application messages.
001932 26/04/2017 Chat You can now clear users from your contacts list in the Chat area.
001929 26/04/2017 Search You can now initiate a chat directly from the search results for a person. Also for administrators you can access certain functions like unlocking a user, sending a welcome message and checking their involvements.
001912 26/04/2017 Stat Tiles Clicking on the stat tiles can now link you to specific project areas.
001901 26/04/2017 Risks You can now see how many characters you have left when you're typing into a limited text field.
001859 26/04/2017 Text Editor We have embedded a new text editor designed to better support pasting data in from Word.
001819 26/04/2017 Status Fields We have now added the colours of the status fields to the relevant lookup tables.
001799 07/04/2017 Chat It is now possible to restrict certain users from sending/receiving chat messages.
001801 07/04/2017 Change History There is a new 'Highlight Changes' option available in the change history to help with changes to text fields.
001805 07/04/2017 Widgets There is a new widget available on VertoPro to show outstanding approvals for the relevant user.
001814 07/04/2017 Baselining You can now 'select all' when baselining items.
001898 07/04/2017 System If a field is locked by a gateway product on the system there's a new pop-up that will tell you exactly which one has created the lock.
001907 07/04/2017 Widgets The VertoGo 'To Do' widget is now available to add the MyVerto page on VertoPro. Administrators can now add a To Do item to other users.
001917 07/04/2017 System The ideas module is now available on VertoPro.
001934 07/04/2017 Risks It is now possible to restrict the amount of users it's possible to add to a control, for example just one risk owner or issue owner.
001937 07/04/2017 General We have added the ability to restrict adding/amending tags so it's an Administrator only function. This will need to be activated on a site by site basis.
001855 17/03/2017 Chat You can now mark yourself as 'Online' or 'Do Not Disturb' in the Chat.
001879 17/03/2017 Scheduler You can now click on a task/milestone that appears in the Scheduler to open it and see the detail.
001858 21/02/2017 Gateway Products The different workflow options for the gateway products are now fully supported in VertoPro.
001808 20/02/2017 Scheduler You can now export from the Scheduler to an ICS file.
001869 20/02/2017 One-to-Many The Outputs one-to-many has now been coded to work in VertoPro.
001896 20/02/2017 One-to-Many The help icon 'i' has been added to VertoPro to indicate where a field has user-defined help.
001864 09/02/2017 Costs & Benefits When entering Costs and Savings the summary is now shown by Financial Year rather than by Year (like classic Verto).
001806 09/02/2017 Scheduler You can now create a notification from within a project's scheduler using a project role - for example Finance Manager or Project Manager.
001797 09/02/2017 Chat It is now possible to save a selection of messages from the Chat to the document store for evidence of approvals etc.
001846 09/02/2017 Gantt You can now view the Tasks/Milestones using the Gantt layout in the Gateway Products.
001848 09/02/2017 Gateway Products It is now possible to delete a Gateway Product on VertoPro.
001862 09/02/2017 Notifications The 'click here' links now correctly take the user to the activity/approval.
001872 09/02/2017 General You can now unlink an item from the hierarchy on VertoPro.
001774 07/02/2017 Project Level Field The National Indicators control has been coded to work in VertoPro.
001787 07/02/2017 Project Level Field The control Wards has now been coded to work in VertoPro.
001820 07/02/2017 One-to-Many Options Appraisal one-to-many has now been coded to work in VertoPro.
001649 07/02/2017 One-to-Many The Decision Matrix control has now been coded to work in VertoPro.
001761 07/02/2017 Risks & Issues The 'Active' field now appears in the Risks and Issues summary tables. We've also added a "Show in Summary" option to the control configuration which will allow application administrators to specify which fields they would like to see in each one-to-many summary screen.
001762 07/02/2017 Risks & Issues You can now create an issue directly from a risk on VertoPro.
001764 07/02/2017 Widgets You can now add and amend Widgets to the MyVerto page in VertoPro.
001769 07/02/2017 Approvals We have introduced new 'Comments' functionality which allows collaboration whilst building a mandate/business case etc. and is also populated as part of the Approvals process.
001776 07/02/2017 Project Level Field VertoPro and VertoGo now fully respect the read-only flags set in the field level configuration.
001824 07/02/2017 Project Level Field Strategic Objectives has now been coded to work in VertoPro.
001821 07/02/2017 Documents You can now get a direct link for a document added to either the project or global document store.
001826 07/02/2017 Documents You can now add a link from a project to a document held in the global document store.
001841 06/02/2017 Change Password The minimum password requirements are now displayed when changing your password via